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Giomny Ruiz Visa Foreign Worker

Giomny Ruiz, M.A., CRIC, trad.a.

Managing director and co-founder
Solution Immigration International


Mr. Giomny Ruiz, co-founder of Solution Immigration International, is a federal (RCIC) and provincial (RQCI) regulated Canadian immigration consultant and a certified translator. He has developed a hands-on, effective immigration and integration approach based on actual problems encountered by businesses and individuals in Quebec and in the rest of Canada. His combination of experiences acquired as a professor, researcher and instructor in this field enables him to better understand all immigration needs.

Cassandra Labrecque

Cassandra Labrecque

Project manager 
Solution Immigration International


Cassandra Labrecque has joined our team as Project Manager – Corporate Clients. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences specialized in areas such as Immigration and Interethnic Relations, Religious Diversity and Women Studies.




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